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Opulent Interiors for Everyone

Iterior Decorating - Gallery

We can assist in all projects as small as decorating a table for a special event to designing a full house re-model. 

Nothing too small, nothing too daunting.

Decorating is not limited to the inside of your home and our services extend to the outside porch and patio of your home too.

We pay attention to detail from plantings to lighting to décor and assist you in making your space warm, inviting and fun.

Reorganizing a home

A bit of cleanup, sorting and organization can go a long way to create a livable space in any home without having to replace everything in the home.

Refinishing and decorating a basement

A basement does not have to be a dungeon.  Create a comfy cozy room with coordinated color and style.  For sound dampening, use carpet tile on walls and soft furnishings to absorb sound.

It is wonderful to see what a bit of spray paint and cute door knobs can do to kitchenette cabinets.

We re-used the cabinets and counters, only the backsplash and cabinets were painted to capitalize on the gorgeous ceramic wood-look tile that was laid.

External home staging

Outside of a house sells it
First impressions
When staging a house, don't only make the inside inviting.  The outside of the house is the first glance at what wonders hide inside and if that is bright and cheerful it invites the buyer into the house.

Interior Spaces

Spanish inspired bedroom
French inspired bedroom
Living spaces should be inviting and warm and comfort.  We strive to provide that cozy, comfy, warm feeling to every space we touch.
Beige is boring - before
A splash of color makes the difference

A couple of paintings and a pop of color can make the world of difference to a drab bedroom.

It does not have to cost a fortune to bring joy to a room.

Boring kitchen - before
Magic of a bit of color - after

This kitchen had good bones to work with, but lacked luster. 

We added a wall paper and new valence and it brightened up the space completely.

You don't have to replace all appliances, just the broken dishwasher and over time you can unify the color of the appliances.  Some times a pop of black in a plain kitchen still bring contrast.

Let us transform your space and provide you with story boards showing how your space can come to life.