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Our Interior Design Services

Bedroom picture

Interior Design

Creating functional rooms with good color, style, mood and quality from a blank slate.

What a different color makes

Interior Decorating

Combining old and new in an existing space to bring harmony to a new household.

Eg: With marriage comes different styles and we help bring multiple styles together in cohesion and beauty.

Staging for sales

Real Estate Staging

Assisting real estate services in decluttering, depersonalization of estates and houses and ready them for sale.

Re purposing an old tv case

Furniture re-imagination

We can turn any piece of furniture around and give it a new life and purpose.  We do not discard, we re-imagine.

Eg:  Turned this 1950's TV Cabinet into a one of a kind bathroom vanity.

Creating new rooms

Full Renovation Design

We can assist you in the full re-design of various spaces by coordinating with contractors and trades to bring you a better flow and design to your space.